Insurance for your Business needs

Businesses, of course, also need protection along with their employees and for this we have options for different areas of activity, with various risks covered.

Accidents at work insurance

Obligatory by law for anyone who is self employed or for any business with employees. Costs are very much dictated by the profession, its risk and the wage of those insured.  This covers:

  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital services
  • Permanent Total/Partial Incapacity
  • Temporary Total/Partial Incapacity
  • Death

Civil Liability 

Not usually an obligatory insurance but it is required by law in certain professions. However, even if you’re not obliged to have it for your business, it is certainly a form of protection worth considering for peace of mind.

Building & Contents

Obviously, our premises and their contents need to be protected, so wherever you own your building or just its contents, this is an insurance most will feel the need to have.

Short Term Rental Properties aka AL (Alojamento Local)

Now that the law requires a liability insurance,  Fidelidade has introduced a product as like the above “Building & Contents” but with the additional cover of 100.000€ civil liability extra-contractual,  keeping your Tourism business within the licensing regulations. A very economical way of looking after your premises and covering the civil liability rule.

Health and Life Insurance for Employees 

We have special rates for businesses which are looking to insure their employees’ health care (minimum of 2 people). Great extra incentive to make your employees more productive and keep them healthy; a win win situation!

Cyber Insurance

 A 2017 study revealed that every minute, 232 computers are infected with malware which not only puts your business at risk financially but also your customer’s confidential information. Fidelidade’s Cyber insurance is designed to prevent, protect and cover any liability and losses. Fundamental for businesses in the 21st century.

Why choose us?

We offer Coverage for: