Car and Vehicle Insurance in Portugal

Car insurance being mandatory by law is, of course, the most sought after insurance in Portugal. However, you should be looking at more than just the mandatory 3rd party liability cover.

We are happy to work with high quality providers that allow us to offer not only competitive prices but also various levels of cover with massive networks of support all over the country. Even our most basic products come with a substantial breakdown cover and various levels of driver protection for bodily injury. Through the many years we have been in the insurance business, we are confident we have carefully chosen the best insurance providers in the market when it comes to claims. 

 Buying a car in Portugal, don’t leave the insurance till the last minute!  Read our tips on how to save additional stress and costs.

Uniquely, vehicles aged up till 20 years old can subscribe to fully comprehensive cover. Our flagship comprehensive plans are the ideal options for new cars as your new purchase can be insured for its new value for 3 years.

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Main Benefits

Our most popular plans

There are many factors that affect car insurance pricing in Portugal, such as the model, the engine size, drivers age, etc. Following is an average estimate of what you could expect.


Mandatory 3rd party insurance with road assistance services

from € 13

per month


Insurance that is designed for cars from 4 to 20 years

from € 16

per month


Maximum Protection and Convenience. Worry free.

from € 30

per month