When & How to fill in the European Accident form?

When both parties agree on who’s at fault

If you have an accident where there’s no injuries, and both parties agree on who’s at fault then you don’t have to call the police. You can simply fill in the mutual agreement declaration which is titled “Declaração Amigável de Acidente Automóvel”, otherwise known as the European Accident Statement Form. Also take photos of the accident (if possible). Then submit the form and photos to your insurer. 

You can download EU Accident form here: EU Accident Statement Form – GED Insurance Download

How to Fill in the EU Accident Form?

First Accident Statement page

1. You enter your personal details in one column, if another party is involved with the accident then they enter their personal details in the other column.

2. Check the appropriate boxes on Section 12 – Circumstances. The boxes in this section are extremely important. Make sure that the appropriate ones are marked. At the bottom of those boxes you must indicate the number of boxes marked on each side, there may be more than one, there may be none. Don’t worry if there’s no appropriate box, in which case you would mark “0” for the amount.

3. Draw the design of the accident on Section 13.

4. Both drivers sign with a short signature at the bottom on Section 15.


Second Accident Statement Page

1. Fill in as much additional details you have / can provide. 

2. Sign it



Third and Forth Accident Statement Page

You would use these if another party was involved in an accident. 

You would both fill in 3rd page the same way as 1st page (it will be a copy to other party).

Page 4 is for other party to complete and send to his insurer.

IMPORTANT! If you’re not at fault, make sure you keep the original front page (1st page) or at the very least have a clear copy (take a photo of the original).

As soon as you can after the accident, submit the EU Accident form to your insurance company or your insurance agent and let the insurance companies deal with the rest, “sem stress”.

When you should NOT sign the EU Accident form?

DO NOT SIGN IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH WHAT’S ON THE FORM. Nobody can force you to sign this, so don’t ever feel you’re obliged to do so. When there is disagreement, consider calling police to get them to assess the accident.

If both parties don’t agree, then the EU Accident form should be filled in by yourself at least and sent to your insurance agent/company. Always get the other driver’s details and their registration number. The finer details of the document and the back of it can be then filled in with the help of your agent if need be (you don’t need to worry about that, there and then). 

The Police report will be important, they’ll take note of  each driver’s version and the driver will have to go and collect it at a later date or as is becoming more common, your insurance company will collect it and pay for it.

When to contact your insurance agent?

You are not required to call your insurance agent / company at the time of the accident, but if one needs help right after the accident, we always do our best to assist our clients.

You should send a copy of the EU Accident form and photos of the scene (if any) to your insurance agent as soon as you can after the accident. It will then be your agent helping with the claim.

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