Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

On our free time we should be doing what we enjoy the most – cycling, walking, jogging, sailing, water sports, hunting, etc. But when we least expect, accidents might occur. It is therefore important to be prepared in case something goes wrong. We  at GED Expat Insurance cannot prevent accidents from happening, but we can prevent unnecessary worries. Here are our solutions to let you enjoy time with your loved ones and your hobbies – worry free.

Personal Accident Insurance – We have protection available to make sure you’re covered while doing sports, hobbies or for when you’re just changing a light bulb! Liability cover is also available and we have specific insurances for cyclists.

Travel insurance – Simple, transparent and quickly issued without any fuss with various levels of cover for your travels within Portugal or abroad. We also have a specific travel insurance “Neve” for those of you may want to have your adventures on the Ski slopes.

Insurance for Hunters – Hunters must have liability insurance by law, is an insurance which is intended to safeguard the main risks involved in hunting and the possession of hunting weapons.

We insure: